How it Works
Our service turns a physical location into an online forum where you can collect feedback from your customers, respond to it, discuss it privately within your staff, and categorize it so that you can track types and causes of feedback. We provide a QR code, web address/URL, email address, and through that email address the ability to receive text messages using MMS. You can also receive text messages sent to phone number via a third party service, or voicemail forwarded from a third party service.

Advantages of our service:
  • You don't have to create or host a web form to collect feedback.
  • Neither your email address nor that of your employees are exposed to the public. You can use a short domain or forward an address in your own domain to our address.
  • Our service provides your customers with a dashboard web interface after they send feedback allowing you to respond and interact with them.
  • We provide a private discussion area for each piece of feedback that can only be seen by employees.
  • Feedback can be assigned to an employee.
  • You can assign a status to feedback including those you define.
  • Each piece of feedback can be assigned a type and or cause that you define.
  • We automate directing feedback to the employees you've assigned to each area.
  • Our service has permission settings that allow you to control who can respond to customer feedback and who can only discuss feedback internally.
  • We provide a report facility that generates easy to understand graphs showing feedback by type or cause.
  • We filter SPAM sources to prevent most SPAM Messages so you can even accept feedback online.

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